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Treating Dog Ear Infection

To have a dog or cat is always exciting. There are various fun activities we can do with them and they will always be the best companion on our daily life. And as the pet owner, it become part of our responsibility to keep them healthy and live comfortably at our home. There are many things we can do about that, such as providing enough nutritious foods daily, giving enough toys and attractions to keep them active, and most importantly to take them for a walk regularly so they won’t feel bored being inside the house for a long time.

Also we have to be aware about their health. Just whenever they feel unusual, it would be a good idea to take time checking them. That way we will be able to diagnose any health problem much early and to take the right action accordingly. One of the most common problems both cat and dog usually have is ear infection. Anything can get into their ear and there is nothing they can do about it. And when the signs or symptoms to ear infection occurred, the best thing we can do about it is to call for expert’s help.

Cat and dog ear infection is common and we shouldn’t panicked when it happen. In most cases, these can be treated naturally. One of the most recommended medications, which also known as the best natural antibiotic treatment for dog ear infection is Dr Dog Ear Oil. By applying few drops of it will bring various benefits such as to relieve the pain, get rid the sore, and quickly heal the irritated ear. Dr Dog Ear Oil is also recommended for chronic ear infections in dogs and would be the best first-aid treatment for it when needed. For more information about Dr Dogs Ear Oil, simply visit which is accessible 24/7 all week long.

How to Select Trees Branch To Reptiles

Cara Memilih Cabang Pohon Untuk Reptil

Tree Branch Usage Tips for Snakes and Reptiles in the Cage.

In their wild habitat, snakes and other reptiles are often among the branches of a tree. Tree branch is a snake and reptile refuge, while passing a trap for unwary prey. To that end, snakes and other reptiles require branches where they “play” in the cage for their pet.

But today, many are reluctant to use the hobies native tree branches. The main reason they do not use a branch of the great outdoors on their reptile cage is the belief that the tree branch would bring mites or diseases with their pets. No mites and disease risk reptiles caused by natural tree branch that we will use at home.

How to Select a tree branch Good For Reptiles
The article How to Choose a Good Tree Branch To reptile is intended as a quick guide and will take you through what I personally do with a tree branch. Continue reading

Veterinarians choose Trusted

Memilih Dokter Hewan Terpercaya

Choosing a veterinarian is not the same as choosing clothes. But there are some points that you should consider when dealing with these specialist doctors. While the cat lover was no problem with cats or cat when the face of disaster, the first thing you would do is to perform first aid, search for the nearest clinic, call the doctor’s clinic, and got ready to go there. The second best way is to meet immediate veterinarian. Forget the receptionist, he / she will get the complaint soon or later. Speak with a calm, relaxed and casual. Excessive panic will not change anything. Try to toughen up. Briefly and clearly veterinarian about your cat problem.

OBSERVE the way doctors diagnose your pet on a table or counter. Does the vet to be gentle on your pet? Does the vet look friendly to cats? Is the cat a physical examination, the doctor gently touched her body. Do doctors concentrate in the examination and not as rushed or like a lot of thought and confusion?

Because as a result of your relationship and the vet can get a long-term, which if you are happy with the way the service and the way doctors examine a cat, you will make the clinic a place to check out the cat regularly hereinafter, the relationship with the doctor and staff clinics should be established. Perform an open question. This way is better than you hunt with endless questions. Continue reading

First Aid If Animal Eating Foreign Objects

Pertolongan Pertama Jika Hewan Memakan Benda Asing atau Tersendak

Pet cat we sometimes also often experience, which swallow a fish bone or a small portion of chicken. As a result, the cat always drooling because of difficulty in swallowing, and severe difficulty breathing when the cat could that thing stuck in the throat.

Regarding objects On Teeth and Gums

You need the help of a second person and third person. Cats are experiencing this case could bite your hand. Cats eat chicken and chicken parts from it somehow bones stuck between the teeth and gums. Two people still can not try to open the cat’s mouth. Finally take the bone using a thin-nose pliers. Tweezers can use when the object is retrieved.

How to open the mouth of a cat: the cat molars in the lower part reinforced with fingers. Continue reading

How to dispensing food Hamster

Cara Meracik Makanan Hamster

For dispensing food hamster, it takes knowledge of what foods are suitable and good for our pet hamster. There are several food grains suitable and good for hamsters, following them.

  • Rice or brown rice
    Hamsters also need carbohydrates, and rice or brown rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Some say if better give the rice is still in the form of grain (still no skin), skin rice because it contains vitamin D. However, when it’s likely to be more concise in form of rice alone, rice because the skin is not generally eaten by hamsters and will only pollute hamster cage alone.
  • Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
    Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds are a favorite food hamster, but pumpkin seeds contain a lot of fat. This makes sunflower seeds should not be too much given to hamsters, most hamster may experience loss. And certainly we could hamster overweight when too much was given watermelon seeds, but the provision of seeds are maintained even though every day is very good for the hamster. Sunflower seeds can also be a solution when the hamster so reluctant to eat or snack.

Continue reading

Water Monitor Lizard

Monitor Water Lizard

The serpent-tongued lizard grows into a big honker that ultimately require their own space. We could keep the baby in the aquarium for a while, but they will require a pool or large sized tub when fully grown. This is definitely not the kind of lizards for children, and children should stay away from all the monitors at all.

As the name suggests, water monitor live near water. When young, they like climbing and swimming. But when they are large, water monitor lizards spend more time in the water. Monitor requires a lot of space and a small pool like a fog, drizzle them very pleasant.

  • Temperature:
    Monitor demanding 85o or more during the day. Temperatures that are too cold makes water monitor lizard susceptible to disease. High temperatures speed up their metabolism. It helps them digest food and they are easier to fight disease. Monitors are often hurt when a temperature of about 100o.
  • Food Water Monitor Lizard:
    Feed water monitor lizard is small crickets, grasshoppers, rodents, small fish, eggs and canned or frozen. We can also provide nightcrawlers and canned insects. Larger monitors can eat larger goldfish, mice, shrimp karan, eggs, and birds. If we give monitor live mice, may lead to scars on lizards. Mice were killed humanely make safer food choices. Canned food can make them easier to eat. Yes, the monitor will eat canned dog food. But we do not recommend it to you or your lizard. To save costs, goldfish make economical meals for the little monitor water. If you have the guts, feed them by hand. If not, use tongs.

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Good Cat Food

The cat is indeed one of the most popular pet in the world. Especially in Indonesia cats with this type of Persian cat is on the rise. Starting from the Persian cat with longhair all types of exotic and really enjoy doing for all.

In maintaining any kind of cat cat food is the most important thing that we should note. Types of cat food and cat food brands what we give it will affect the cat’s health in the short term and long term. The effect that caused the cat food and good enough usually diarrhea, decreased appetite, and in the long term can lead to disease in the intestinal tract and stomach like.

In addition to a very important cat food cat health is also very important. Various diseases cats can also be caused by dirty cages, because some cats often lick the cat cage, a cat pooped and cat food itself. Continue reading

Homemade Dog Food

Makanan Anjing Buatan Sendiri

Pet dog we need adequate nutrition to support growth, the provision of good nutrition plays an important role in shaping the anatomy of a good dog. Currently there are two types of dog food that we can give to our pet dog, which is homemade dog food and dog food ready to eat. Each of these types of dog food has weaknesses and strengths, for it was our own dog food that determines where we are going to give.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food.

Excess Dog Food Fast :

  • More Practical.
    We do not have to waste any more time for cooking because dog food purchased readily available and can be stored in the long term.
  • The Right Nutrition dose.
    We do not have to calculate how much protein, fat, or carbohydrate is right for the dog. There are many options for dog puppies to older dogs as well as its type.
  • Complete Nutrition
    Dog food ready to eat in spite of inferior quality already has a complete nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and other substances needed by dogs. No need for extra food or a dietary supplement when it is not recommended by a veterinarian.

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