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How to Maintain Koi Fish

ikan koi

The presence of koi fish will make the pond look more beautiful and give the impression of a pleasant, when used as exterior elements of the house. Of course, it is supported by the design of the pool and appropriate treatment.

To make koi fish and healthy shine, treatment pond into things you need to pay attention. Ornamental koi fish, it requires a life that is clean, comfortable and safe. Free from the remains of the animal excretion, itself and also from the leftovers. Therefore, caring for koi fish pond is important to do.

Listed below are some ways to care for koi fish:

  • Koi fish pond depth, the depth of the pool is very important for koi fish.
  • The depth of the pool should be more than 80 cm (section filled with water), so that your fish pond is protected from predators, such as cats pet fish and other animals that might destroy your fish. The deeper the fish pond also helps stabilize the water temperature caused by the scorching heat of the sun, or cold weather in the night or in the rain.

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How to Clean Aquarium

membersihkan aquarium air tawar

You lovers and ornamental fish, aquarium hygiene is essential to maintain the beauty of your aquarium. cleaning the aquarium is not as easy as you might think. Cleaning the aquarium requires precision and neatness to protect the health of ornamental fish and aquatic plants in it. The right time to clean the aquarium is when algae have started to grow and the glass wall of the aquarium or have started a little green colored.

Here is how to clean the aquarium is good and right:

1. The tools required

To clean the aquarium, you have to prepare some essential equipment such as:

  • Filter / sump
  • Cleansing algae
  • Wastebasket
  • basin and nets for fish
  • Sponges
  • Clean cloth
  • If there is, small sand shovel
  • If Yes, sieve
  • If necessary, pH indicator paper

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Pets are Unique

hewan uni

Do you see unusual animals maintain it boring? Or maybe you need a unique pet to symbolize your unique personality as well? Here are 10 unique pets that may be input for you in choosing an unusual pet.

Before you try to maintain the following animals, you should probably have to do some research in advance about how the animal maintenance or obtain permission for its maintenance.

1. Marmot (Guinea Pigs)
If you have small children, then maintaining marmot is the right choice. Marmot is not as weak and as small as hamsters, but they remain furry, cute and fun. Even so, you still have to be careful if your child is too small as toddlers or kindergarten to ensure they do not injure this pet guinea pig. Continue reading

Tips Maintaining Rabbit Pregnant

memelihara kelinci hamil

Understanding the nature and stage of life reproduction of rabbits can help make your rabbit healthy and agile.

Here are 5 stages of development in the life of the rabbit:

1. Neonatal
Rabbits are mammals, which means began to develop ever since in the womb of their mother.
Rabbit starts life of an egg from the female parent being fertilized by sperm from a male rabbit is called a zygote.
The fertilized egg is then split into a blastocyst (blastocyst).
Then turned into a blastocyst embryo and growing until time of birth. Rabbits need about 31 days from conception (fertilization) to give birth.

2. Post Christmas
Baby rabbit still naked hairless, blind, and deaf at birth. Baby rabbit rely entirely on their mother.
No need to worry if the mother rabbit is rarely seen with her baby. Parent rabbit will not lie down with their baby as well as dogs and cats because rabbits do not want to attract the attention of predators to their nests.
In fact, this is also the case even though there are no wild animals around them. Rabbits will take care of their babies one or two times a day.
Check the baby rabbits to see if they are alright and check the distension of the stomach or not.
If the baby rabbit looks distended abdomen (protrude), it shows the parent rabbits are not appropriate in feeding their babies. Continue reading

Caring for Sugar Glider

merawat super glider

Thing to note ..!

1. Cage
In principle, the larger enclosure used and the higher will be the better because the sugar glider very fond of climbing and jumping activities. The size of the enclosure can be used with a small enough size bars (+ – 1,2) in order to prevent sugar glider out of the cage. The cage should be placed in the branches / tree for sugar glider can climb and playing. But avoid limb taken from plants that produce sap because it could endanger the health of these animals. Besides it can put a nest box for sugar gliders can hide, can be of any material, such as ceramic pots perforated, perforated timber, the pipe, etc. Besides the cage can be equipped with toys such as wheels for hamsters and other playing sugar glider can play.

2. Food and drink
Sugar gliders are also in need of a drink. Clean water should be provided throughout the day, can be placed in a small container that is not easily spilled heavy upon playing sugar glider. other than that the food given can be fruit and insects. Fruit can be given as papaya, banana, grapes, melon, apple, pear, etc. are favored by sugar glider, especially those sweet fruit. Avoid fruit that comes from citrus fruits, avocados, and the nation because it could danger the health of a sugar glider. Besides it can also be given as  boiled carrots, boiled potatoes. Sugar gliders need protein every day in large enough quantities (up to 40%). Therefore if giving fruit could be an additional form of insects (crickets, grasshoppers) and caterpillars to meet the protein requirements. The type of food given should be varied. For example in doing rotation every 3 days,  fruit with insects, vegetables (carrot stew) with caterpillars, and cat food. Is always given in turn to meet their needs. If you get a correct diet sugar glider will live healthily. Avoid giving vitamins to sugar gliders because it could lead to a sugar glider becomes smelly. Continue reading

Caring for and Maintaining Dog Bulldog

merawat anjing bulldog

We’ll often hear about bulldog, dogs are one of the family’s favorite dog. Behind the sturdy body of a bulldog, very friendly to human nature embedded in this dog. That is why many people keep dogs of this type. Bulldog including the oldest breeds of dog originating from Great Britain. These dogs are also often called England’s national dog. Once upon a time the dog was maintained to be matched with cow or bull. However, around 1835 the British government banned the dog fight. Since then the bulldog began to be maintained and become loyal family dog.

Bulldog really like to play with children. This dog can also be a friend to children. It is brave, loyal and friendly very suitable as a guard dog in our homes.

Bulldog dog uniqueness can be seen in terms of posture, this dog has a medium body size. His body was stocky and contained. His chest was wide with a short snout. Bulldog legs are relatively short, but it looks sturdy. Continue reading

Hamster Caring For Beginners

merawat hamster

Hamster is a strain of mice that many kept as smooth fur, cute. No wonder then that many people of diverse backgrounds and ages who are interested to make a hamster as a pet. Originally keep hamsters are not classified as difficult. However, if you intend to keep hamsters, you still have to reproduce information regarding maintenance. Because, if this is not how to maintain proper hamster, it will cause effects that are not good for your pet hamster.

Keep hamsters relatively easy because the treatment is not too complicated. Even so, you also can not just shrugged. If you decide to keep hamsters, then you must be committed to responsible for it.

 Here are some tips for caring for hamsters for beginners:

1. A good idea to pay attention to the choice of hamsters that may be your pet. You can ask the owner of a pet store, or other hamsters keepers. Surely, you have a lot of searching for information on the types of hamsters that may be your pet. So you do not feel difficulty while maintain it. Also it is important for you to know the diet and basic things in the hamster care. Continue reading

How to care for a cat for beginners

kucing pemeliharaan

Cats are one of the most preferred pet humans. Besides funny, cat behavior is also very adorable. But, you know how to take care of him? All animals have a sensitive nature should be understood human.

If you are a beginner and want to know about how to care for cats, here are some basic tips:

1. The Kittens require twice the amount of nutrients larger than adult cats. Although it requires more nutrients, it does not mean you have to give him overeat. After 5-6 weeks, give food regularly 4 times per day.

2. Do not give dog food to cats! Dog food does not contain, cats nutrients needed to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

3. After 8-10 months, you can get used to eat foods such as rice and milk house. This habit you have to do early on. Continue reading

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