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Homemade Dog Food

Makanan Anjing Buatan Sendiri

Pet dog we need adequate nutrition to support growth, the provision of good nutrition plays an important role in shaping the anatomy of a good dog. Currently there are two types of dog food that we can give to our pet dog, which is homemade dog food and dog food ready to eat. Each of these types of dog food has weaknesses and strengths, for it was our own dog food that determines where we are going to give.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food.

Excess Dog Food Fast :

  • More Practical.
    We do not have to waste any more time for cooking because dog food purchased readily available and can be stored in the long term.
  • The Right Nutrition dose.
    We do not have to calculate how much protein, fat, or carbohydrate is right for the dog. There are many options for dog puppies to older dogs as well as its type.
  • Complete Nutrition
    Dog food ready to eat in spite of inferior quality already has a complete nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and other substances needed by dogs. No need for extra food or a dietary supplement when it is not recommended by a veterinarian.

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How to Maintain Snake Retic

Cara Memelihara Ular Retic

Make Retic cage that extends to the side, instead of rising to the top.
Retic right snake enclosure generally in the form box container perforated by means of welding or soldering. Use a large container box, wear bidder (litter) can be clean newsprint. Place the cage Retic in the room that has good ventilation, because urine snake reticulatus typically more smelly.

Retic snake food is a variety of meat, either still alive or that have been cut.

The snake hobies Retic generally give white mice as snake food Retic, of course, the size of the feed must be adjusted to the weight, age, and also the size of the snake’s body. Besides rats, snakes feed Retic can usually be guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, rabbits, and even some snake owners Retic serving cuts of beef to the snake reticnya.

Retic snake native habitat.
The original habitat of snakes Retik a warm environment. Python loves moist places but still warm. Retic snakes can live everywhere, even may be still a lot of Retic wild snakes that live around our house. Retic wild snakes generally live in the sewers around human settlements and also dipinggiran rivers are numerous sun.

Retic snake wild catches.
Retic snake wild catches (Wild Caught / WC) generally have a temperament more irritable, and even tend to be fierce. Retic snake wild catches are also very vulnerable to stress and also easy to hunger in the long term to an easy death. Continue reading

Feeding Guidelines Dog

Pedoman Memberi Makan Anjing

Dog health secret lies in the food you provide. A diet that is natural and fresh will help improve the dog’s metabolism, regulate hormone balance and stabilize the stomach bacteria. In this condition the dog will have strong endurance to deal with various conditions.

Using whole grains and fiber in dog food will boost the immune system in the long run. You can provide the type of meat or vegetable are the same for 3 or 4 days in a row, but then change the menu as much as possible.

Basic dog food: wheat marinade, mashed potatoes, noodles, or rice. Meat (raw or only slightly cooked): cows, ducks, rabbits, goats, fish. Pork is the only one that should be cooked until done. Fresh vegetables: garlic, parsley, carrots, watercress, sprouts, avocado, celery – all serve to remove toxins from the body. To be able to better digest, vegetable blender until smooth and add to the dog food. Fresh fruit: pieces of coconut, apple, banana, watermelon, papaya, pear, ripe pumpkin. Dairy products: yogurt or cottage cheese to breed good bacteria in the stomach. Continue reading

Simultaneously Playing Practicing Together Dog

Bermain Sekaligus Berlatih Bersama Anjing

Friends dog lovers, maybe you’ve seen a wide variety of dog toys are hollow inside, or cavities on its surface like this:

These toys are often found in pet shops and in various store household. This type of toy is very useful to make your beloved dog busy for some time, playing at the same time practicing the power of smell and also motor dog. How, fill it with food or a toy dog ​​small snacks such as Beef Premium Kibbles to the brim, and then place it on the floor in front of your dog.

Without the need to train, your dog will try hard to remove food inside the toy. By pushing the toy using the nose, or gouging out food using mouth and front legs, your pet dog will bend over backwards to get a “reward” meal.

They will automatically be busy with this toy that I forget to bite the carpet or your shoes! These toys are particularly suitable for young dogs that curiosity and energy level is still very high, but dogs of all ages can use this simple toy. Continue reading

Manx cat

Kucing manx

Manx cats, including cats are unique and much sought after by collectors, also called Rumpy. Manx cats, including cat breed that has no tail, or the tail its size despite having very short. Manx cat originated on the Isle of Man, a small island in the UK. Rumpy is the oldest cat breed that has been registered in the Cat Fanciers Association – CFA in 1908.

Manx cats have different properties with the usual cats, manx cat likes water. Manx are very pleased to put his hand into a drink or water. This cat is a lot to be hunted by collectors cat, its long history and keunikkanya make quite expensive.

Physical characteristics Manx Cats

Rumpy body size is shorter than the other cat races, Chest fairly broad and curved spine to the hip. Manx cat lies the hips higher than his shoulders, this is due to Manx hind legs are longer and stronger than the front legs. Rumpy sometimes also referred to as cat half rabbit.

Manx cats also have other characteristics, which has a round head shape and form prominent cheek. Manx nose has the same color as the color of their feathers. Manx neck is short and thick, and had large eyes and rounded. This pet cat has a medium sized ear and far between, as well as the wide base of the ear is also curved section ends. Continue reading

Exactly when Feeding Turtles

Saat Tepat Memberi Makan Kura-kura

Exactly when Feeding tortoise. Tortoise that became our pets would need a nutritious and appropriate food with less nutritional needs of each turtle. Turtle can live in a variety of habitats ranging from sea, rivers, wetlands, forests, or even deserts. Most turtle living in the area were watery, but there is also a turtle that lived in the forests and deserts such as the turtle ashore Leopard tortoises.

Turtle does not have teeth, snout turtles have hard bone can cut anything he ate. Of course, before we have to know what foods are good turtle. Call it Vegetables and Fruits fruits, meat, Special Pellets tortoise to a special supplement. Which will be discussed here is the right time to feed turtles

Exactly when the Tortoise Feeding everyday :

  • Food turtle given 9.00 am and 14.00 pm
  • Do not store vegetables in the refrigerator longer than 2 days. Fresh vegetables better as food turtle
  • Cut the vegetables in accordance with the size of the mouth
  • Give shell flour squid or fish bone meal to meet calcium requirements, it could be a calcium supplement.
  • Turtle good dirt is solid, sometimes we need to check the existence of a worm in it

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Treating Dog Ear Infection

To have a dog or cat is always exciting. There are various fun activities we can do with them and they will always be the best companion on our daily life. And as the pet owner, it become part of our responsibility to keep them healthy and live comfortably at our home. There are many things we can do about that, such as providing enough nutritious foods daily, giving enough toys and attractions to keep them active, and most importantly to take them for a walk regularly so they won’t feel bored being inside the house for a long time.

Also we have to be aware about their health. Just whenever they feel unusual, it would be a good idea to take time checking them. That way we will be able to diagnose any health problem much early and to take the right action accordingly. One of the most common problems both cat and dog usually have is ear infection. Anything can get into their ear and there is nothing they can do about it. And when the signs or symptoms to ear infection occurred, the best thing we can do about it is to call for expert’s help.

Cat and dog ear infection is common and we shouldn’t panicked when it happen. In most cases, these can be treated naturally. One of the most recommended medications, which also known as the best natural antibiotic treatment for dog ear infection is Dr Dog Ear Oil. By applying few drops of it will bring various benefits such as to relieve the pain, get rid the sore, and quickly heal the irritated ear. Dr Dog Ear Oil is also recommended for chronic ear infections in dogs and would be the best first-aid treatment for it when needed. For more information about Dr Dogs Ear Oil, simply visit which is accessible 24/7 all week long.

How to Select Trees Branch To Reptiles

Cara Memilih Cabang Pohon Untuk Reptil

Tree Branch Usage Tips for Snakes and Reptiles in the Cage.

In their wild habitat, snakes and other reptiles are often among the branches of a tree. Tree branch is a snake and reptile refuge, while passing a trap for unwary prey. To that end, snakes and other reptiles require branches where they “play” in the cage for their pet.

But today, many are reluctant to use the hobies native tree branches. The main reason they do not use a branch of the great outdoors on their reptile cage is the belief that the tree branch would bring mites or diseases with their pets. No mites and disease risk reptiles caused by natural tree branch that we will use at home.

How to Select a tree branch Good For Reptiles
The article How to Choose a Good Tree Branch To reptile is intended as a quick guide and will take you through what I personally do with a tree branch. Continue reading

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