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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Head Our Moving Car Windows?

Many of us should have wondered Why Do Dogs Stick Their Head Our Moving Car Windows? This behavior can be seen anywhere, such as in movies or even in real life. And to make it even more interesting, almost all type of dogs and breeding has the same behavior as this. Yes, they always stick their head out moving car windows whenever it possible. Some of us consider this as a usual behavior the dogs have, while some others have the curiosity to find out: WHY? And if you’re one among them who wondered to know more about this behavioral phenomenon from the man’s best friend then you’re already in the right place to find the answer to it.

So Why Do Dogs Stick Their Head Our Moving Car Windows? Although there is no official scientific explanation to the behavior, but according to the research and studies conducted by professionals and experts it is believed that the behavior is triggered by the natural interest they have toward the smell. We all know how dogs have amazing sense of smelling, and as they are inside a moving vehicle they see the world moving around them with various new smells breaching into the cabin. This is what many believed to be the real cause that attracts dogs to keep sticking out their head whenever they have a chance. And the theory is becoming so popular nowadays that even if it has no real scientific approval for its validity but many consider it as the best answer so far.

And the real question is whether or not this behavior will be dangerous or possibly can bring any threat in the future. We all know that driving safety is something that people must put above all. And if you are asking if such behavior could lead to a threat, this could be yes and no, depending on various factors. For example, if your dog has tendency to jump off the window whenever he/she see something interesting out there then it could be risky. Alternatively, you may want to keep the windows closed or opened slightly to prevent them from sliding or jumping out of the window suddenly, which could be injure them and potentially disturb our concentration toward the traffic ahead.

As you go online to find more information related to this unique behavior of dogs, you will be more and more fascinating articles to read on. You need to remember that not everything you find online are true, which that means you have to be sure visiting only a reputable website to which you can trust them for honest information provided. Otherwise, the internet can also be a good source for recommendations and reference to anything we possible needed, including also to get ultimate guidance on how to find a local driving school. As long as we entered the right site, we will be able to find any information and guidance we possibly needed to learn on. And finding the best driving school locally has never been easier before.

Balinese Cat

Kucing Bali

Balinese cat is a domestic cat with long hair with dots of color like Siamese-style and sapphire blue eyes. Balinese cats are also known as Siamese cats with long hair, because originated as a result of natural mutation breeding, and that’s why include the same cat with long silky coat and a distinctive feathered tail.

Like the short-haired counterparts them, there are genetic differences between traditional body types or “old style” with modern. In the American standard, color variants derived from Colourpoint Shorthair breed further considered separately, known as the Javanese. Even so there is no special relationship between the cat with the Indonesian islands such as Bali and Java, where the origin of their name.

Like their ancestors siamese cat, cat friendly Bali, outspoken, fun and curious, and is considered one of the most intelligent of all long-haired breeds. Continue reading

Equipment First Aid For Animals

Peralatan Pertolongan Pertama Bagi Hewan

In the event of an emergency on our cats, of course we must have enough equipment to deal with it. Most of the equipment is already available in drug stores or pharmacies in the box First Aid Kit, we just need to add a human first aid equipment that is also ready for our beloved pets.

Other equipment that we need to add the following to achieve completeness.

– Scissors
– Claw scissors
– Tweezers
– Magnifying glass (type with light is preferable)
– Rectal thermometer and lubricant
– Povidone-iodine
– Flashlight
– Box Kasa
– Elastic Bandage
– Kasa adhesive (handiplast)
– Rubber gloves
– Syringes (disposable and must be new)
– Isopropyl alcohol (70%)
– Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
– Antibiotic ointments (neomycin, Polymixin B, bacitracin)
– Various sizes of sterile non-stick pads
– Cotton Balls and rolls
– Adhesive tape
– Pipette
– Syrup of ipecac (Attention: Can only be provided with instruction veterinarian or poison control center and only in small doses.) Continue reading

Yellow tang fish

Ikan Yellow tang

Yellow tang belongs to the family of surgeonfish. Adult yellow tang fish can grow to a length of 20 cm (7.9 in), and a thickness of about 1-2 cm (.39 to .79 in). Yellow tang adult males tend to be larger than females. Yellow tang fish bright yellow. At night, the yellow color faded slightly and prominent brownish patches developing in the middle with horizontal white stripes. Even so, the bright yellow color will return at noon.

Yellow tang fish appearance
Yellow tang has a shape like an arrow because the dorsal and ventral fins are like an extension of their body, a long snout-like mouth ‘tang’ used to eat algae and sea grass die around coral. The yellow tang fish also have sharp spines near its tail. Yellow tang fish sea water is popular for marine aquarists of all levels of expertise, these fish tend to be active, strong, and aggressive when put together with different species.

Yellow tang fish food
In its natural habitat, the yellow tang fish eat in the area ‘benthic’, algae and other marine plant material. In the captivity, Yellow tang aquarium generally eat foods made from meat / fish, but the long-term health effects of this feed is still questionable. In the wild, Yellow tang clean the sea turtles by removing the growth of algae from their shells. Continue reading

How to Maintain Frogs

Cara Memelihara Katak

Frog or toad is an exotic amphibians, frogs have interesting colors, beautiful, sweet especially when these frogs are very active. Nowadays so many who love and nurture the frog as a pet at home, but how to care for kataktidak easy as we imagine. Do not ever expect to maintain without having enough knowledge about the frog itself, because it was even more beautiful and exotic frogs are the more dangerous for us is to maintain it.

Many frog that looks pretty and exotic but it has a deadly poison, so maintaining frogs as pets requires high awareness and knowledge. We must know in advance the type of frog that will be maintained, lest we choose the wrong type of frog that we keep. Beautiful frog is not necessarily appropriate to be used as pets because most have high toxicity, unless you are already classified as an expert in maintaining frog, this may be a challenge for you.

Here are some tips on how to care for the frog as a pet at home :

  • Choose water frog or toad tree more active as your pet, a few fat frogs have a tendency just sit in one place for a long time. Frog is a good example for a beginner is the African Dwarf Frogs are more easily treated and maintained in compare of other frog species.
  • Know for certain types of frogs that you buy, it’s important to know more about your frog. You can find information via the Internet for example.

Continue reading

Cultivation Porcupine Mini

landak mini

From infancy, children are able to distinguish mini hedgehog sex. For mini male hedgehog distance between the genitals and anus farther than females mini porcupine. Mini hedgehog couple having a good personality characteristics will decline in their children. The mother must be aged between 5 to 12 months when first mated. Not to be younger or older. When the mini too young hedgehog, can cause permanent damage to the reproductive organs. After one year old miniature hedgehog, chances are pregnant for the first time will drop drastically. Hedgehog mini including mammals and breastfeeding.

Before the cultivation of miniature hedgehog, prepare beforehand cage for a marriage, pregnancy until delivery later. Clean the cage, remove all toys, tubes, boxes and all objects that can prevent a marriage. After it was placed a male parent and a female parent who is old enough, let them for 7 days. Usually, as soon as the hedgehog and porcupine mini mini female male placed together. Male sex glands will swell and the stomach will be visible bulge, he will start issuing squeal squeal while surrounding the female miniature hedgehog and porcupine mini woo females. Female porcupine would not be silent just like that, he would have refused and ran around the cage. Look as if they fight, so it felt quite porcupine mini female will stop and lower spines and lifted her ass up mini male porcupine will easily marry.

We recommend that when the hedgehog in this marriage leave, because not all will be willing to do a mini hedgehog marriage under our observation. After 7 days immediately clean the cage, if you are not sure marriage has occurred, we may repeat the mating process by way of reuniting hedgehog mini mini male and the female hedgehog in a cage that had been cleared for 7 days. After the lifting of the cage mini male hedgehog, do not let it be a male miniature hedgehog cage with porcupines porcupine mini mini female during childbirth because the female will eat the male miniature hedgehog baby hedgehog mini. Continue reading

Basic Ways to Train Dogs

melatih anjing

The first time dog owners usually will complain, why difficult to make dogs by a fast and familiar with his new employer. Moreover, if we do not use the services of trained dogs. Previously you had to know first how to train a relationship with your pet dog. Afterwards, provide training to obey the commands sit, stand and others. The basic way to train dogs themselves are not too difficult, here we provide a solution. How “subduing” or basic ways to train dogs themselves.

The first thing to do before you train a dog is to give love. Compassion is the main capital, it is that your pet dog obedient and loving reply owners. By the time you first get acquainted with the dog, you should hold it, stroking the head or pat the dog’s chin and chest. This will make the dog more quickly familiar with the prospective employer. Dogs have a strong instinct or instinct, even sharper than humans. If the dog is held, stroked or patted kapalanya chest and chin. His instinct would say that he gained the affections of those who do not know and he would later become his mistress.

Give your pet dog a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, often calling or reprimanded by his name. Recommend to all members of your family how to call him. Make sure the dog to recognize each member of the family, those close to or living in your home. Continue reading

Several tips about finding a new pet

Every person would like to get a pet which become the most important part of your life which means that this pet will meet you every day when you return home after a long working time. This pet will love you forever and bring you so many happy moments in your life. This pet will be the best thing for your children because people like pets and play with them. There are different pets today which you can keep in any house. In this article you will be able to find out more useful information about all kinds of dogs and how to take care of them now.

A dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. There are many reasons because of which people get dogs as pets. Some people even can talk with the animal, which will be a true friend for many years. Others believe that it would be nice to have a dog to guard the house, and others are interested in participating in exhibitions, competitions or other events.

Pros: The dog is always friendly, smart enough, sociable and has predictable behavior. They are true and loyal friends who will you not only love, but also to protect you even when you get into a difficult situation. For the owner the dog is ready to execute any commands. The dog will wait for you when you return home and will always help you. And it is worth a lot! Dogs, like cats, have a healing power, give owners a good mood. When you have a dog you should spend more time with it in the street, which is beneficial for your health. Thanks dogs you will exercise and breathe fresh air every day.

Cons. The dog requires additional attention. It is difficult to keep a dog in the apartment because dogs are big and that is why they require additional space, the ability to walk and run. In this case you will have to go outside to walk with your dog every day which can become a huge problem for every person as it requires much time. If you are going on a business trip or just go traveling, you need a persona who will take care of care of your dog when you are not at home. Some people are allergic to the dog’s hair or are afraid of them. In this case you should take this fact into account when you decide to get a dog which can become a problem in the future. It would be difficult to give up a dog as it will be a stressful situation both for you and the dog because dogs are true friends.

So if you decided to get a dog you will definitely spend so many happy moments with it for many years. People buy dogs for their children who will learn how to take care of them and this will help them a lot in their future life. Share the love, and the dog will truly be your best and loyal friend!

Vanessa Pratt tries to provide in this blog post additional information about the best cat veterinary clinic in GTA area where you will be able to find professional support.

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