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How to Maintain Chicken Kate

ayam kate

Hearing the word chicken often is imagined by us are chickens for consumption, but here we will discuss about the ornamental chickens. One of ornamental chickens are Bantam, Bantam really enjoy doing because the mini size, melodious voice and views of the attractive physical form. Bantam behavior is very attractive for the lovers of ornamental chickens because of behavior that is witty.

Currently there are several types of Bantam, which was known by lovers of ornamental chickens, some of which are: Chicken Local Kate, Kate Batindo, Kate Bangkok, Kate Gold, Kate Chochin, Kate Foot Sword, Kate Serama, and some other types of Bantam. The most frequently maintained is of the type Bantam.

Here are some tips on how to maintain Bantam:

  • Always check the cleanliness of the cage. Cages must be cleaned every day.
  • Bantam cage must obtain sunlight and adequate air circulation.
  • Give Bantam vaccinations every three months so Bantam not easily attacked by diseases.

How to care for children Bantam:

  • After the chicks hatch from eggs kate, quickly move the child to a place Bantam covered and protected from the wind and cold waves.
  • Combine it with the parent Bantam order to obtain warmth and obtain guidance in choosing food.
  • Give cage Bantam least 5 watt light bulbs as additional heating.
  • Continue to control so that the feed is not lacking or excessive. Feed given every morning and evening.
  • Provide feed smooth (be specific stater chicks) and do not forget the water.
  • When children Bantam has been the age of 3 months are generally hen had began to notice signs of laying back. Separate Bantam child with the parent, generally the children Bantam be noisier during the day and after that they will be independent.
  • So that the body condition of the chicks have grown and healthy after weaned from its mother, should children’s Bantam dried in the sun every day or every second day for at least 5 minutes.

Thus information about How to Maintain Chicken Kate, I hope this information is useful to you.

Scorpion as Pets Unique

peliharaan kalajengking

For some people, the scorpion is an animal that is scary and horrible, so naturally, probably because these venomous animals, and has a body that is frightening, but for the hobbyist rather, they are very cool, unique and exotic, and also do not all have the scorpion can be dangerous for humans, in general can of this arachnid serves to paralyze prey for easier prey eaten, scorpions usually very harmful to humans even deadly is the kind Androctonus, Tityus, Leiurus quinquestriatus, Parabuthus and Centruroides, and fortunately all of this kind does not exist in Indonesia ,

This deadly scorpions are generally located in northern Africa and the middle east, they live in the desert, for example, is Death Stalker with the Latin name Leiurus quinquestriatus, the sting of the scorpion is extremely painful type but are usually harmless for healthy adult humans, different if stung children and parents who have heart disease or those who are allergic, but still we have to be careful with all kinds of scorpions, especially with species such as the above, but if you see a scorpion, try not to kill him, because they will not be strike unless disturbed or squashed. Another unique thing of scorpions is if they are exposed to ultraviolet light (violet), the body will fluoresce or glow in the dark.

Scorpions distinguish Dangerous
How to distinguish a dangerous scorpions are harmless and actually quite easy, the greater the smaller the claws and tail, the lower could, on the contrary, if the smaller and the larger claws tail, the higher the can of scorpions. because if large claws they hunt more use tweezers to hold prey and rarely use tail and sting, like a flat rock scorpion which has large claws and tail are very thin. as well as Emperor scorpion. otherwise like Fat Tailed scorpion which has a fat tail and claws are so thin, very clear what kind of scorpion like this is very dangerous for humans, but that does not mean this kind of scorpion could not be maintained, many also the hobby who maintain a very dangerous scorpions, but very not recommended for beginners to maintain it. Continue reading

Transmitted Diseases Pets

penyakit hewan

Maintaining a pet does give many benefits. In addition to repel loneliness, we will also be healthier. But, we are also obliged to maintain the health of pets because they can transmit disease.

Besides rabies, here are 5 types of diseases that can be transmitted from your pet:

1. Germs stomach
Abdominal pain that does not clear the cause could be derived from bacteria pet dog or cat. Campylobacter is spread from cat or dog feces.

2. Bacteria and organisms from feces can switch to hands and through everyday activities can get into the mouth.

True, maybe you do not touch the animal manure. May occupy your couch and you touched before handling food. Therefore, wash your hands with soap before touching food. Continue reading

Tricks to Save Care Pets

cara menghemat pemeliharaan hewan

Try idea of ​​saving money on pet care expert veterinarians as follows, as quoted from:

  •  Medical
    Check clinics around the place you live rabies vaccines that offer discounts. If you are lucky you might find a place free of animal vaccines.
  • Dental care
    Replace expensive dental cleaning session by brushing a dog or a cat in the house with a toothbrush and toothpaste, 3-4 times a week.
  • Dress
    For the health of your pet, you should avoid matted hair, dirty ears, and long toenails. Learn brushing, bathing, and cut off your own pet dander. This could save a lot every year.

Continue reading

Tips Maintaining Puppies

merawat anak anjing

Dogs are carnivorous mammal that has undergone domestication of wolves since 15,000 years ago or perhaps already since 100,000 years ago based on genetic evidence such as the discovery of fossils and DNA testing. Another study reveals the history of the domestication of the dog that has not been so long.

The dog has developed into hundreds of races with varying amounts, ranging from a few dozen dogs cm height as the Irish Wolfhound Chihuahua to more than one meter high. Dog fur color can be varied, ranging from white to black, also red, gray (often called “blue”), and brown. In addition, dogs have different types of fur, ranging from very short to the length can reach several centimeters. Dog hair can be straight or curly, and coarse-textured until soft as wool.

Brief guidelines Maintenance Puppies

These guidelines are well made to assist you in how to feed, train, hair and maintain the health of your puppy. Although it is impossible to cover all topics related to dogs, the information in this guide cover of the issue that you are definitely going to face in the days and months of the first joint of your puppy. Continue reading

How to Maintain Koi Fish

ikan koi

The presence of koi fish will make the pond look more beautiful and give the impression of a pleasant, when used as exterior elements of the house. Of course, it is supported by the design of the pool and appropriate treatment.

To make koi fish and healthy shine, treatment pond into things you need to pay attention. Ornamental koi fish, it requires a life that is clean, comfortable and safe. Free from the remains of the animal excretion, itself and also from the leftovers. Therefore, caring for koi fish pond is important to do.

Listed below are some ways to care for koi fish:

  • Koi fish pond depth, the depth of the pool is very important for koi fish.
  • The depth of the pool should be more than 80 cm (section filled with water), so that your fish pond is protected from predators, such as cats pet fish and other animals that might destroy your fish. The deeper the fish pond also helps stabilize the water temperature caused by the scorching heat of the sun, or cold weather in the night or in the rain.

Continue reading

How to Clean Aquarium

membersihkan aquarium air tawar

You lovers and ornamental fish, aquarium hygiene is essential to maintain the beauty of your aquarium. cleaning the aquarium is not as easy as you might think. Cleaning the aquarium requires precision and neatness to protect the health of ornamental fish and aquatic plants in it. The right time to clean the aquarium is when algae have started to grow and the glass wall of the aquarium or have started a little green colored.

Here is how to clean the aquarium is good and right:

1. The tools required

To clean the aquarium, you have to prepare some essential equipment such as:

  • Filter / sump
  • Cleansing algae
  • Wastebasket
  • basin and nets for fish
  • Sponges
  • Clean cloth
  • If there is, small sand shovel
  • If Yes, sieve
  • If necessary, pH indicator paper

Continue reading

Pets are Unique

hewan uni

Do you see unusual animals maintain it boring? Or maybe you need a unique pet to symbolize your unique personality as well? Here are 10 unique pets that may be input for you in choosing an unusual pet.

Before you try to maintain the following animals, you should probably have to do some research in advance about how the animal maintenance or obtain permission for its maintenance.

1. Marmot (Guinea Pigs)
If you have small children, then maintaining marmot is the right choice. Marmot is not as weak and as small as hamsters, but they remain furry, cute and fun. Even so, you still have to be careful if your child is too small as toddlers or kindergarten to ensure they do not injure this pet guinea pig. Continue reading

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