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Tips for Choosing a Pet

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Pet! Definitely of you all have many who have pets. Whether it’s a lot or a little. Pets may be maintained by the people for hobbyists, but there are also those who use it to serve as a business opportunity. But usually people who have pets are people who love the animals. Rarely do people who do not like animals, but have pets at home. Surely that have pets are their intention to maintain it, not vice versa. But how, the solution for people who can be said to beginners in raising animals, but they wanted to have a pet? That’s the question many asked by many people. Before you choose or buy a pet, but you should pay attention to things below first.

The needs of any animal. Before you buy a pet, you should know what are the needs required pet that you will buy. Such as in terms of places to eat and drink, cages and so forth. Why should I? Because of all kinds of pet that they must have the necessary requirements are also very different. Therefore they need to prepare in advance will be better. Moreover, if you buy the animals before preparing its needs, it actually would be troublesome for you. Whether after purchase will be placed and freed at home? Surely it is not possible not? Unless you buy your pet plus stables and other needs. So prepare before you animals.

How to take care of the animals. Before buying Equally important, you also need to know how to care for animals. You do not just buy the animal’s origin, without knowing how good treatment. The animal might even die later and it would be very cruel. Therefore you should also look for how to care for animals properly. Continue reading

Pets are Profitable for Business and Investment


You are one animal lover? Or do you have a pet at home? If yes, it is good to start thinking about developing your hobby into a side business opportunities are promising.

Owning a pet is a very exciting thing. Especially if your pet animal has a high sales value. In addition to relieving stress, you also can menghasilan money from your hobby is raising animals.

But what are the pets that have high sales value so that it can become a promising business opportunity? Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Pets

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Owning a pet is fun, but behind it there are a lot of consequences, ranging from maintenance problems, health, until the problem is the cost of maintenance. Follow the tips on choosing the right pet that follows, so you can choose the appropriate animal for you.

The first thing to note in tips choose the right pet is whether you or your family members have sufficient time to interact with the animals. If you and your family do not have much spare time, choose an animal that does not require too much interaction, for example, cats, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, or ornamental fish. But if you or your family have a lot of spare time, you can choose a dog, because dogs require a lot of interaction is done through playing or practicing.

The next thing to consider is whether you have enough room to keep the animal. Animals such as dogs and cats require a rather extensive for activity, such as yard or garden. If you do not have a wide enough, you can choose hamsters, turtles, or ornamental fish. Continue reading


alergi pd binatang

Pet allergy is an allergic reaction to a protein found in skin cells, animal saliva, or urine. Signs of pet allergies include common as sneezing, runny nose, cough and difficulty in breathing. Some people may also experience symptoms of asthma, such as wheezing and shortness of breath. Most often, pet allergies triggered by exposure to dead skin flakes or pet fur.

Proteins from the saliva, hair or pet urine causing an allergic reaction that attacks the eyes and respiratory tract, such as fever, and can cause asthma symptoms. It can also cause atopic dermatitis. Under certain circumstances is very difficult to avoid the allergens that can come from other people or pets are transported by people who have been in contact with animals. Every animal with fur can be a source of pet allergies, but allergies pets are most often associated are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, mice, gerbils, rats and guinea pigs. Larger animals such as horses, goats, cows, chickens, ducks and geese, outdoors despite entered the enclosure, it can also cause problems as pet allergies.

Pets can cause allergic problems in patients with multiple ways. Their feathers, or dander, and saliva and urine, can cause allergic reactions. Animal hair is not considered a very significant allergen. However, the hair or fur can collect pollen, dust, mold and other allergens. Continue reading

Most Cute Pets


Some people have pets at home. They sometimes prefer to make their pets as companions. Because pets are usually very loyal to his employer. In addition, sometimes a person who likes to keep the animals because the animal is very funny and has its own uniqueness compared to other animals. Everyone has their favorite animals and a lot of animals that can be used as pets, ranging from animal that looks cute, pretty, unique, even animals that can be trained.

Animals that looks very funny to be a much sought after peliharan animals.

Here are a few cute pet and may you consider to be your pet:

  • Sugar Glider
    Sugar Glider is a marsupial. Sugar Glider is an animal that has just as with kangaroo pouch. These animals have a very small size. Thus, this animal looks very cute and has a friendly nature. However, you have to prepare the room is spacious enough to be able to maintain these animals.
    Typically, people who keep these animals will castrate because these animals breed like rabbits. You also must be ready to face kekacaun and cleaning the cage every day. Because, these animals will only take nutritional and regurgitate the food.
  • Fennec Fox
    Fennec Fox is a pet that is funny. Fennec Fox is an animal that belongs to the family fox. Animals that are similar to one pokemon figures come from North Africa. resembles the behavior of animals that have these dogs look very cute and pretty. However, when you decide to maintain this animal, you have to be careful that these animals are not blurred. Because these animals are very fast, nimble, and agile. However, this animal is quite easy to be trained like dogs. Continue reading

Wildlife Not Allow made Pets


Wild animals are animals that live on land or water that still has the properties of both free-living wild in the wild or reared humans. Indonesia as a country with a high level of biodiversity would have a lot of good wildlife population is threatened and the protected status or wildlife population is not endangered and commonly found in the forest.

If we look at the people who still maintains a lot of wildlife to various reasons such as compassion, pride preserve protected species, or because of cuteness and uniqueness of these animals to be able to increase the prestige or social status of the owner in the community. This is the misguided occurring in society due to not know the risks that must be borne when maintaining wildlife.

Here are some of the more obvious reasons why should not preserve wildlife, especially protected species:

1. Maintaining wildlife is illegal and unlawful
Maintain some specific types of wildlife especially protected is an act violating state law. For certain cases such as trade and so can be seen further status of these animals in the CITES (Convention International Trade of Endangered Species). Continue reading

Pets most unique

hewan terunik peliharaan

most people, animals are often maintained mammals such as cats or dogs, and other types of fish that are much traded.

But apparently many who raise animals that are unusual or unconventional yet unique.

Here are the most unique Pets:

1. Scorpions
Most people are afraid of this animal, because it is considered to be a deadly poison, but not all scorpions harmful or deadly to humans, and there are many who keep it in foreign countries as well as in Indonesia, even to the import price is quite expensive, arguably easy to maintain, just given eat crickets approximately 3 heads a week, usually the most widely cultivated type of Asian Forest Scorpion and the Emperor.

 2. Tarantula
Of course, this eight-legged animals are also many feared, All tarantulas can have, but not all are dangerous to humans, Maintaining Tarantula now it became popular, for maintenance arguably tricky, because usually the preserve of hobbies or a baby sling, but this is where the a challenge for them,
and arguably long Tarantula age, to which females reach 20 years even more, colors Tarantula is also very varied and interesting. Continue reading

Friends with Pets

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Seeing your children laugh when playing with their pets will certainly make your day more meaningful. But, of course, you should always be alert to health, among others, by getting used to using a hand sanitizer after playing together pet. If you want to know more about the benefits of pets for children, you need to listen to the following topics.

Pets can be loyal to the man unconditionally. Keeping animals from an early age it can have a positive impact on physical and mental health. According to a study carried out, children who are accustomed to interacting with animals from an early age have better mental development. In fact, according to a study conducted by experts, children who have interacted from birth until the age of one year have less tendency to develop allergies.

In addition, friends with pets also can deliver and express their feelings, especially when they’re bored or sad. Children will also be trained to have responsibilities with how to care for pets. Continue reading

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