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Good Cat Food

The cat is indeed one of the most popular pet in the world. Especially in Indonesia cats with this type of Persian cat is on the rise. Starting from the Persian cat with longhair all types of exotic and really enjoy doing for all.

In maintaining any kind of cat cat food is the most important thing that we should note. Types of cat food and cat food brands what we give it will affect the cat’s health in the short term and long term. The effect that caused the cat food and good enough usually diarrhea, decreased appetite, and in the long term can lead to disease in the intestinal tract and stomach like.

In addition to a very important cat food cat health is also very important. Various diseases cats can also be caused by dirty cages, because some cats often lick the cat cage, a cat pooped and cat food itself. Continue reading

Homemade Dog Food

Makanan Anjing Buatan Sendiri

Pet dog we need adequate nutrition to support growth, the provision of good nutrition plays an important role in shaping the anatomy of a good dog. Currently there are two types of dog food that we can give to our pet dog, which is homemade dog food and dog food ready to eat. Each of these types of dog food has weaknesses and strengths, for it was our own dog food that determines where we are going to give.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages Homemade Dog Food or Dog Food.

Excess Dog Food Fast :

  • More Practical.
    We do not have to waste any more time for cooking because dog food purchased readily available and can be stored in the long term.
  • The Right Nutrition dose.
    We do not have to calculate how much protein, fat, or carbohydrate is right for the dog. There are many options for dog puppies to older dogs as well as its type.
  • Complete Nutrition
    Dog food ready to eat in spite of inferior quality already has a complete nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and other substances needed by dogs. No need for extra food or a dietary supplement when it is not recommended by a veterinarian.

Continue reading

Angora Rabbits type

Jenis Kelinci Anggora

There are 5 different types of angora rabbit suit his seed breeder, 4 types of angora rabbits among ARBA recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association that angora rabbit breeder descendants of British, French, Giant and Satin.

1. Type of angora rabbits British descent – Angora rabbit breeds British

Weight: 2.0 to 3.5 kg (4.4 to 7.7 lb).

ARBA accepted varieties: ruby-white eyes (ruby-eye white), pointed white (pointed white), themselves (self), shade (shaded), agouti, broken (broken)
English Angora rabbit adorned with feathers, hair growth on the whole face except the ears and on the nose, and front legs, along with a thick body with fur. Angora rabbit is very gentle in nature and cute, but they are not recommended for those who do not focus on their pets. Their feathers are very numerous and dense and need to be treated every week twice. Continue reading

How to Take Care of Dogs Dachshund

Cara Merawat Anjing Dachshund

There are several aspects in order Dachshund Dachshund treatment is safe and away from danger. We need to know what should be there in our house before we bring home a new pet, whether it be small or Dachshund dog adult. We also have to know how to care Grooming Dachshund us from head to tail. Another thing that should be known in caring Dachshund is knowing how much to feed your Dachshund.

We also usually want to feed them too much and they become obese to have health problems. What will we do with the dog Dachshund us if we go on vacation? These are all things that we need to think about when we decided to maintain the Dachshund. This dog will be a member of the family to be considered as another member of our family.

Dachshund care begins even before we bring home our dachshunds. What should we have at home to care for a puppy Dachshund? Make sure we have or obtain Dachshund kotaksebelum we arrived home. Find out what type of bed is good for our Dachshund. Caring for a puppy requires a lot of work and planning. we will need patience, patience, and patience. Puppies in a state of learning, so they want to learn everything they could. The more prepared ourselves to be increasingly easier dachshund dog training we will do. Continue reading

Balinese Cat

Kucing Bali

Balinese cat is a domestic cat with long hair with dots of color like Siamese-style and sapphire blue eyes. Balinese cats are also known as Siamese cats with long hair, because originated as a result of natural mutation breeding, and that’s why include the same cat with long silky coat and a distinctive feathered tail.

Like the short-haired counterparts them, there are genetic differences between traditional body types or “old style” with modern. In the American standard, color variants derived from Colourpoint Shorthair breed further considered separately, known as the Javanese. Even so there is no special relationship between the cat with the Indonesian islands such as Bali and Java, where the origin of their name.

Like their ancestors siamese cat, cat friendly Bali, outspoken, fun and curious, and is considered one of the most intelligent of all long-haired breeds. Continue reading

Equipment First Aid For Animals

Peralatan Pertolongan Pertama Bagi Hewan

In the event of an emergency on our cats, of course we must have enough equipment to deal with it. Most of the equipment is already available in drug stores or pharmacies in the box First Aid Kit, we just need to add a human first aid equipment that is also ready for our beloved pets.

Other equipment that we need to add the following to achieve completeness.

– Scissors
– Claw scissors
– Tweezers
– Magnifying glass (type with light is preferable)
– Rectal thermometer and lubricant
– Povidone-iodine
– Flashlight
– Box Kasa
– Elastic Bandage
– Kasa adhesive (handiplast)
– Rubber gloves
– Syringes (disposable and must be new)
– Isopropyl alcohol (70%)
– Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
– Antibiotic ointments (neomycin, Polymixin B, bacitracin)
– Various sizes of sterile non-stick pads
– Cotton Balls and rolls
– Adhesive tape
– Pipette
– Syrup of ipecac (Attention: Can only be provided with instruction veterinarian or poison control center and only in small doses.) Continue reading

Yellow tang fish

Ikan Yellow tang

Yellow tang belongs to the family of surgeonfish. Adult yellow tang fish can grow to a length of 20 cm (7.9 in), and a thickness of about 1-2 cm (.39 to .79 in). Yellow tang adult males tend to be larger than females. Yellow tang fish bright yellow. At night, the yellow color faded slightly and prominent brownish patches developing in the middle with horizontal white stripes. Even so, the bright yellow color will return at noon.

Yellow tang fish appearance
Yellow tang has a shape like an arrow because the dorsal and ventral fins are like an extension of their body, a long snout-like mouth ‘tang’ used to eat algae and sea grass die around coral. The yellow tang fish also have sharp spines near its tail. Yellow tang fish sea water is popular for marine aquarists of all levels of expertise, these fish tend to be active, strong, and aggressive when put together with different species.

Yellow tang fish food
In its natural habitat, the yellow tang fish eat in the area ‘benthic’, algae and other marine plant material. In the captivity, Yellow tang aquarium generally eat foods made from meat / fish, but the long-term health effects of this feed is still questionable. In the wild, Yellow tang clean the sea turtles by removing the growth of algae from their shells. Continue reading

How to Maintain Frogs

Cara Memelihara Katak

Frog or toad is an exotic amphibians, frogs have interesting colors, beautiful, sweet especially when these frogs are very active. Nowadays so many who love and nurture the frog as a pet at home, but how to care for kataktidak easy as we imagine. Do not ever expect to maintain without having enough knowledge about the frog itself, because it was even more beautiful and exotic frogs are the more dangerous for us is to maintain it.

Many frog that looks pretty and exotic but it has a deadly poison, so maintaining frogs as pets requires high awareness and knowledge. We must know in advance the type of frog that will be maintained, lest we choose the wrong type of frog that we keep. Beautiful frog is not necessarily appropriate to be used as pets because most have high toxicity, unless you are already classified as an expert in maintaining frog, this may be a challenge for you.

Here are some tips on how to care for the frog as a pet at home :

  • Choose water frog or toad tree more active as your pet, a few fat frogs have a tendency just sit in one place for a long time. Frog is a good example for a beginner is the African Dwarf Frogs are more easily treated and maintained in compare of other frog species.
  • Know for certain types of frogs that you buy, it’s important to know more about your frog. You can find information via the Internet for example.

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